Release. WALK WIT ME

  • Date
  • Catalog
    Azka Selek
  • Genres
    Hip Hop-Old School
  • Artists
    Joon Jukx and Azka Selek
Composed and played by Azka Selek
Azka Selek Studio Production 2014.



 HIP HOP – REMIX        Joon Jukx – Walk Wit Me.         


Production “Old School” in collaboration with Hip Hop artist who responds to the name Joon Jukx. Thank you to Enzo Bennet for the connection.

  1. 1Joon Jukx - Walk Wit Me - Remix
    128,100 BPM

  1. 1Funk Walk - Instrumental
    128,100 BPM - SACEM - Code ISWC : T-703.176.069.9


Biography : Queens born and raised in the South Bronx young Raynell Campbell aka “Joon Jukx” had his share of rough up commings and hardships before turning to a life of music. Raised in a single parent home he found himself spiraling into the life of a gang member, facing his demons, he used these stories as fuel to ignite the spark in his music career. His stories along with his amazing lyricism made him a force to be reckoned with. Listen to the original Version