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    Azka Selek
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Remix by Azka Selek
Azka Selek Studio Production 2016.




I have the honor to present you the realization of a slightly crazy project that kept running through the head of a close friend named: Daetho. It’s been twenty years that he wanted to shape one of the fruits of his imagination and it is with great pleasure that I ended up with him in his delirium rich influences and good moods . Indeed, it is not this take too seriously that “civic education accelerated court”, has been developed, no fuss, the message is clear…

Based on an original idea Daetho, One Of Us is a mix of world music, funk, Deep House … Bringing together 24 languages or dialects, Pakistani, Cantonese, Mandarin, Kabie, Wolof, Fula, Soninke, Portuguese, Korean , Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Kabyle, Martinican Creole, Vietnamese, Danish, Quebecers, Hebrew, Persian, English, French etc… in any 55 voices of children and adults all Expressing this same wish, that of it finally recognize each other as equal to a whole. Composed by Daetho and myself, this hymn to humanity is a simple way to remind everyone before having a skin color, religion, culture or background, we all remain, above all, ( until proven otherwise) of human beings.