Release. PCM

Prod by Azka Selek
Azka Selek Studio Production 2016.




Welcome to all on planet earth or man is only rival. Whose sole purpose is to submit its next, so it can continue to control in the rule of art. Here is a musical composition and a video clip that I made under the influence of the pen of an artist who truly deserves to be known, whose first name is “Kwendo”. A big thank you to the TV channel “Nolife” and the whole team wishing to play this clip.

It was under a dark apocalyptic vision of what “lies ahead” to our descendants and time or the controversy is between other about modern slavery, I am pleased to present PCM which means: Prototype Class Average. This single is a form of Rap original avant-garde and interpreted so robotic and jerky, and denouncing against the foot, which made us robots subject of the system, ie the sheep of the twentieth century. A musical composition with light influences Trap & Beat, Electro type, accompanying the text, interpretation and graphic universe in all its logic. Good listening and good viewing.