Hello everyone ! I have grouped here most of my personal work. Some original musical creation. Album, single and some video clips achievements, Trailer, Teaser, pub, 3D modeling, animation films in 3D… Click on images to view or listen.



Experimental Rap

Soon broadcast on the TV channel “Nolife”. This single “Kwendo” is a form of original experimental Rap pioneering robotics and interpreted so jerky and denouncing against the foot making us robots ie sheep of the twenty-one century. Musical composition to slight influence Trap & Beat and therefore type Electro, accompanies the text, interpretation and graphic futuristic universe of video Clip in all its logic. Good listening and good viewing.


PCM – Teaser


Slam – Teaser

It was under a dark apocalyptic vision of what “lies ahead” to our descendants and time or the controversy is between another around the code of labor and modern slavery … May I invite you to discover the teaser of the first official single from the artist Slam “Kwendo”. The acerbic pen at the service of a robotic interpretation resumes question against the foot of the cause of our mechanisms due to formatting we suffer dice our births.


One Of Us


World & Deep Funk

Based on an original idea Daetho”, One Of Us is a mix of world music, Funk, Deep House and many other musical influences Bringing together 24 languages or dialects, in any 55 voices of children and Expressing all adults that same desire, the one that finally recognize each other as equal to a whole.


Bling Bling


Ragga – Dance Hall – FLASHBACK

Bling Bling is a remix in 2004 for Sugar Daddy feat with artist Stephen Gailann edition in Blooper & Sony Music France. a talented artist with whom I worked for a year, which has unfortunately not had the chance to show the extent of its actual capacity near his public after unavoidable trading tube Sweet Soca Music. At the age of 13, playing with Kiskedee and famous Jamaican artists like Buju Banton, Sizzla and Cappleton. Sugar Daddy creates its own musical universe


Funk Walk


Hip Hop – Vintage – Instrumental.

Funk Walk is an instrumental piece of musicOld School“. decorated with a mixture of Funk Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. Made on the occasion of a remix for the rapperJoon Jukx” Discover here the instrumental version specially rearranged for amateur music without words. 

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