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I call David Simon and my artist name is “Kwendo” author and performer. I have always attached great importance to the writing, the depth of the meaning of sentences and the sound of words that combine. The discovery of RAP in the mid 80s allows me to exercise this new mode of expression whose syncopated rhythmic style and impose a different writing work and above all technical. In 1995, I discovered the film “Slam”. it is a real revelation for me and since I am tired of the RAP for some time, the transisition is quite naturally. The need to write is growing because the slam offers a range of expressions possibiltés: No stylistic restraint, total freedom when the addressed or treated subjects. This new artistic and musical current that matches my mood and my character, so I throw myself without thinking in the world of words, rhymes and non rhymes. film music fan and sound atmosphere, the chance that I work with a former rapper and friend, I also welcome the talent, became over time a composer of film music, “Bruno Epron-Mahmoudi” aka” Dolby “but thus meeting here under the name of “Azka Selek”.

Written by : Kwendo