My name is Maeva Epron. I use Elijah as a pseudonym is actually my middle name. Still communications student I am passionate about graphic art and practice of Photography for about 5 years. Very draw sheet with the staging and the pictures in motion, capturing the natural and authenticity are just one of my peculiarities. Adept retouching software such as Lightroom and Photoshop, I particularly appreciate this crucial moment, when necessary helps to be creative or to enhance the tone of a universe or action. I’m in my element when it comes to reproducing urban climates, vintage hip hop or contact me if you think my vision some flair to your project. Portrait, Cover, Event etc…


Also a singer, although my musical influences many either, if I had to define my style I would say more leaning towards: Neo Soul. French is my native language, but I master English rather good English and Atmospheres hip hop and r & b are not foreign to me. If the tone and style of my voice corresponds to the expectations of your production please contact me.

Written by : Elijah