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Who am I.

I m call “Bruno Epron-Mahmoudi” but most people know me as Dolby pseudonym. Besides my professional website, it is under the blaze of “Azka Selek” I wanted to make this website so to bring online all my personal project as well as some of my collaboration. Producer, composer, programmer, arranger of soundtracks to the image. It is after having worked for over ten years for many production companies and realized more “Soundtracks” for film and television, I decided to get into this independent project that would lead me to make musical productions away orders and briefs. Having to watchword, answer my own expectations. This parallel project partly offers me the opportunity to speak freely through all my musical influences. Adept music production MAO Cubase, I like to occasionally use some instruments, such as: Guitar, Bass, keyboard etc … But my favorite material remains sequencers and all kinds of advanced music production systems.

If you want to know more about my musical activity click here

3D Animation and Video clip.

Also passionate and animated film director is once again self-taught I started to learn how to use all sorts of graphics and video software for the specific purpose to develop and materialize my creativity, to be imaged and moving my imagination. The complexity that is simply to build a team to work on an animated film, pushed me to try to become fully independent, accepting both the positive and negative sides that implies.

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