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Hello one and all ! Welcome to the website of Azka Selek. This site has been designed to meet all its underground instrumental works. In the long term, a catalog is created to benefit music online always meet more soundtracks and albums. All attempts to target the fans of instrumental music. However, the DJ, the purists, radios, directors and editors (looking atmospheres or soundtracks for their audiovisual projects) may also find their interests. This musical project is as much about the shops, restaurants, bar etc… (needing music in the idea of ​​installing a friendly atmosphere and original sound). Choreographers and dancers performing arts directors are also invited in this musical adventure.

Passionate software and VST plugins, this specialist music production MAO is also professional in his field for 15 years. Despite the fact that he occasionally indulges in some musical instruments, equipment of choice is nevertheless Cubase. If you like Hip Hop, Soul, Electro, Vintage, and Jazz, you will find undoubtedly all these influences through his style from album to album.

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